Food Hygiene Awareness
 Level 1

Who is this course for?

The Introduction to Food Hygiene Awareness Level 1 course is designed for the staff that handles, prepares or serves food in the catering industry. Basic principles of food hygiene and know how to work safely so as to protect the food they serve from contamination.

A must to do course for all food handlers in Post COVID era.

With a 3-month validity, do it at your leisure, let us know when you done…. Take assessment and get your certificate.

What you will learn?

  • Need for Food Hygiene

  • What is Food Poisoning?

  • Causes of Food Poisoning

  • Symptoms and Treatment

  • Food poisoning bacteria

  • Food poisoning bacteria and its effects on food

  • Growth of bacteria and temperature danger zones

  • Need and importance of proper food storage

  • Hygiene Procedures

  • Hygiene standards for Food handlers

  • Preventing pest infestation

Course delivery and material

Total learning hours for the course is 2 – 3 hours (at you own pace) .Course material consists of course study guide and Module tutor video presentations.

How do I enroll for the course?

Step 1 - Pay and Enroll for your course                                  

Step 2 - Get log-in access in your email and start your course!


Assessment is by a basic online 10 MCQ questions in 15 minutes.

What do I get?

You get a certificate in ‘Food Hygiene Awareness – Level 1' from Ravi Sharma Hospitality Academy,  Member CHRIE