French Wine Regions
Champagne & Chablis

Who is this course for?

This online programme an on your couch at your pace course designed for those starting a wine career or pursuing an interest in wine.

With a 3-month validity, do it at your leisure, let us know when you done…. Take assessment and get your certificate from RSHA.

What you will learn?

  • Champagne and Chablis - The Crown of Burgundy.

  • Covering these two regions's history and importance in the wine world. Styles and production, Viticulture and 'Terrior'

  • Ageing, Fermentation and why these wine regions are so special.

  • For Budding Somms, Hospitality and Hotel Students, Food and Beverage Managers and Staff.

Course delivery and material

Total learning hours for the course is 1 -2 hours (at you own pace) .Course material consists of a Course study guide and Module tutor video presentations.

How do I enroll for the course?

Step 1 - Pay and Enroll for your course                                  

Step 2 - Get log-in access in your email and start your course!

What do I get?

You get a certificate in ‘French Wine regions - Champagne & Chablis' from Ravi Sharma Hospitality Academy, Member CHRIE